About Us

Who Are We?

Want to know more about Adrianna and Wyatt Buckner of Infinite Film Production? Learn more about us on this page!

We have produced four short films and a feature film entitled "Blind Truth", which ​is streaming on Amazon Prime and Tubi.

We love filming weddings for couples.

There are just so many moments that the couple misses in the hustle and bustle of their big day. Being able to capture those moments in a video that they can watch for years to come is truly something special.

Quick Facts - Speed Round

Favorite Show to Watch Together:
The Office
Favorite Movies:
Inception, The Prestige, Memento, and
​The Lord of the Rings Series
Favorite Music Genre:
Classic Rock
Favorite Bands:
Journey & Queen
Favorite Past-times:
​Game night with friends, hiking with our dogs, and binge-watching TV series and movies together.

If you made it this far, you now know a lot about us! Now, we would love the chance to get to know you! Contact us today to find out how we can help you bring your video vision to life!